Jan 20 NHL Slate

Sonkdfs Picks


  •  TOR PP – Tavares $6600 is cheap for the offense he’s generating. Pair him with AM34 (yes really) because most people won’t. They both have strong chance of shot bonus and EDM defense/goaltending has been suspect at best. TOR has best PP matchup and strong 5v5.
  • Fiala – $6400. Fiala shot attempts/60mins is the only one over 30. He’s due. In fact, he’s well under-scoring his xG.
  • Garland – $5500 is second in generating shots. he’s a sneaky play tonight, most will go VGK1 which don’t get me wrong is a good play. VGK1 is the strongest line defensively but garland won’t see VGK1 matchup. I like his opportunity for shot bonus and possibly pot one. 


  • ARI1- VGK1 is the strongest line defensively so far. I’m not touching that matchup. In the first game, VGK matched ARI1 and shut them down. Look to fade ARI1 imo.

Sonk of the Night

  • Puljujarvi – $2500 I mean this just sounds silly right. And it’s risky for sure. But Puljujarvi has seen some strong offensive numbers and hasn’t got rewarded yet. What does EDM do with lines tonight?
  • Gallagher – $5600. Gallagher is shooting the puck again and VAN gives up a ton of chances. MTL1 and MTL2 are in play but I may focus on Gallagher for the shot output. 

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