Jan 16 NHL Slate

Sonkdfs Picks



  • CBJ1 – Dubois $4300, Bjorkstrand $4700, Jones $5000 correlate on PP and are fairly underpriced. Look for a bounce back from CBJ against the same nsh team. bjorkstrand historically is a $6-$7k shooter and PLD generally is priced over $5k. Add in Merzlikins as your tendy if you like too. 
  • AM34 – He can’t be held down forever. National stage with Hockey Night in Canada tonight. Expect Matthews to at least shot bonus but I’m banking on a big night. Play him as one off or stack with marner and/or rielly. Careful on Thornton, leafs may make some line adjustments. Follow @NHLwookiee on twitter or sub to discord for the latest news on lines.
  • NYR2 – DeAngelo sits tonight. Fox goes to PP1 and Lafrieniere moves to NYR2. I like Panarin $7100, Fox $4900, Lafrieniere $3500 as a value stack to get to some studs.


  • Ott1 – They are criminally underpriced tonight. I think they will see big ownership based on their pricing. TOR needs a big bounce back so an OTT1 stack could be in tough. A one off of Norris may be a nice value at min priced but I’m fading the stack.  

Sonk of the Night

  • Lehtonen – $2500. Lehtonen was a point/game dman earlier this year in Europe. He recorded 880 shots in 220 games overseas. If he slots in tonight, he will have upside with low cost.
  • Lafreniere – $3500 Moving up to NYR2 puts Lafreniere in a position to succeed. I figure he gets his name on the scoresheet in the NHL for the first time.

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