Feb 19 Slate

SONKdfs Picks


VAN1- Horvat $5000, Hoglander $4100, Pearson $3800 in a really good matchup with WPG tonight. Horvat should get WPG1 and based on line matching below it’s 2.78xGF, best on slate. WPG2 is also poor defensively so could go to VAN2 as well but you’re paying up a bit and I’ll use the VAN1 savings elsewhere

CGY2 – CGY has been absolutely beat up by media the last two days. Their give a shit meter seems to be at an all time low but it’s Battle of Alberta and they always seem to get up for these games. Monahan $4900, Guadreau $6300 is an affordable stack adding in PP1 dman Valimaki $3600 (if he sticks there, last minute lines posted in discord). CGY2 gets Edm2 as matchup which is favorable.

McDavid- so just pointing the obvious but McDavid $8800 is top projection on SONK model. His offense generation, seen below, along with rest of Edm1 has been off the charts. Edm cashed in a bit last game but they are well underscoring what they are generating


FLA- DET strong defensively. See top defensive lines below. They’ll throw L3 on Barkov and try and smother the game in my opinion. That whole game just looks dead on paper. I’ve been wrong more than once!

Sonk of the Night

Trochek – $6400 Trochek has been a dominant force recently. He’s 3rd on the slate for projection behind only McD and Nuge.

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