Craft Beer Round Up Year to Date

May has arrived yet COVID has stayed. What better way to take a break and sit down with great Craft Beer? I’ve rated 55 brews through the first few months of the year on Untappd, yet there are hundreds more available to taste. Here’s the best of my limited sample. Share your favourites too!

1. Super Duper – Cabin Brewing – Last year’s Beer of the Year in my eyes continues to take the cake. This was from a January batch and is still a straight banger of tropical flavor, mellow yet hoppy and so so good.

2. Float Along – Establishment Brewing – Yes, another favourite of last year. This was a Feb batch check in. For the most part, any “white label” Establishment is worthy of your taste buds!

3. Night Kitchen – Cabin Brewing – A banger in its own right, the Night Kitchen S’mores this year was epic. This was a January batch and was simply an epic imperial stout. Watch for the Night Kitchen releases, they seem to come annually around New Years!

4. Pillow Talk – Eighty Eight Brewing Co. – Eighty eight makes some very good NEIPA/IPAs. I’ve yet to have one that makes me go wow, but the Pillow Talk is just something else! Brewer states they messed with the water profile while using a different Alberta wheat and just WOW. An EXCELLENT take on a hazy, one that is unique, mellow and dank! Get it while you can, just recently released end of April 2021.

5. Forgetful Brewer Pineapple – Outcast Brewing – Yet another of last years top picks continues to rain supreme. This was a Feb 2021 check in, no longer in production but they’ll likely bring it to the table later this year or next. Outcast makes some great brews but they can be hard to get a hold of, so grab them when you can!

Best of the Rest

  • Burnout 2021 – Last Best Brewing & Distilling
  • Space Amadillo – Twin Sails Brewing
  • Rainbow Nation – Cabin Brewing
  • Super Juicii- Cabin Brewing & Kilter Brewing Collab
  • Ataraxia – Establishment Brewing
  • My Mom Thinks I’m Cool- Grain Bin Brewing & Outcast Brewing Collab
  • Tropical Pyramid- Campio Brewing

I’ll continue to share and sample great Craft Beer so be sure to friend invite on Untappd or follow on Twitter!

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