The Original SONK Model Explained *Full Access Via Patreon*

  • Projections based on analytical calculations to produce the best plays possible on any given night (Proj Column). The projections are then taken into account with the team’s nightly matchup to produce a Matchup Projection (MATCH PROJ). 
  • Puuuuuunt Tool. An epic tool really with much praise. This tool gives the best plays at low salaries so you can have confidence in filling out those final roster spots. 
  • Matchup shows expected gameplay based on an analytical formula behind the scenes. The closer to 1.00 for any team the higher confidence we have in their expected gameplay for the nightly game.
  • Daily notes including FAVES and FADES are brought by @NHLwookiee who brings up to date daily lines, news and more.
  • Check the subscriber access through Patreon which includes full discord community with all details plus much more!
*SONK Model is live and updated with daily matchups*


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