2020 NHL Return to Play Review

The Return to Play was a solid one for NHLwookiee posting a 2300% simple ROI. Before we get into the details, I’ll point out that most of the games played were either single entry or max 3 entry ranging from $3-$12 buy-ins. Initial investment was $100 on August 1st. 

First slate back started with a bang, placing 2nd in the $3 Free Play and taking down $1500. A value MTL1 stack with one off shooter Kubalik paid dividends. The second week of Aug brought a 2nd place in the $12 SE for $400. After the first round of playoffs it was a bit tougher to find differentiated value with teams dropping out and DK keeping prices similar. However after a bit of break even and a few small wins another $400 SE take down was accomplished.  All in all, a fairly successful Return to Play. Looking forward to next year’s NHL season! If you haven’t yet, take a minute to follow @NHLwookiee on Twitter and plan to join our Discord come new season for all the NHL takes! 

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